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Why is California giving out so many stimulus checks?

It’s simple why California can afford to give out more stimulus checks, compared to other states: It has seen a jump in state revenue thanks to its progressive tax rate.

Can a social security beneficiary receive a stimulus check?

There’s still some confusion as to whether Social Security recipients will be receiving Golden State Stimulus II payments. It all depends on state guidelines, and only certain Social Security beneficiaries will receive California’s stimulus check.

Do you qualify for the Golden State stimulus check?

Meanwhile, some states are creating their own form of stimulus checks.About two-thirds of California residents are likely to qualify for a "Golden State Stimulus" check via a new effort from Governor Gavin Newsom.That effort will provide $600 for low-and middle-income residents who have filed their 2020 tax returns.

Is there going to be a fourth stimulus check?

‘Tis the season for more stimulus payments. For millions of Americans, a fourth stimulus check is coming soon-but not necessarily from the federal government, however. Even though it’s been the source of a little more than half a dozen stimulus checks already this year.

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