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What was the outcome of the recall in California?

This could mean it could take additional time to know the outcome. Out of 55 previous attempts to recall a governor of California, this is the second to ever qualify for the ballot. The only successful attempt resulted in the ouster of Gray Davis as governor in 2003. He was replaced by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What happens if a majority votes no on recall?

If a majority votes no on the recall, Gavin Newsom will remain governor. If a majority votes yes, the challenger with the most votes will be sworn in upon the election’s certification. Will we have any idea of the vote beforehand? Probably.

Who are the recall candidates in Vernon CA?

The second is a convoluted saga concerning William Davis and Melissa Ybarra, who are on the City Council in Vernon and had backed a successful recall campaign this year against two other council members who had supported a solar and wind energy project whose developer was involved in an embezzlement investigation.

What did Newsom do at the recall rally?

Newsom spent part of election day at an anti-recall rally in a San Francisco union hall, and warned supporters about the consequences to California’s economy and the public health of its nearly 40 million residents if he was recalled and replaced with Elder, who has vowed to repeal the state’s mask and vaccination mandates. Copy Link URL Copied!

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