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Why is the Governor of California being recalled?

(Newsom signed an executive order in 2019 placing a moratorium on the death penalty; legal challenges had already stalled executions in the state for more than a decade.) Larry Elder, a Republican who is running against Newsom cited the governor's decision to impose Covid-19 restrictions as one reason he should be recalled.

Can a recall be done to an elected officer?

Recall is the power of the voters to remove an elective officer. (Cal.Const., Art. II , Secs. 13-19; Elections Code § 11000 et seq.) Any state officer may be recalled. These include the elected offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General,

What happens if a majority votes no on recall?

If a majority votes no on the recall, Gavin Newsom will remain governor. If a majority votes yes, the challenger with the most votes will be sworn in upon the election’s certification. Will we have any idea of the vote beforehand? Probably.

What happens if Californians throw out the Governor?

If a majority of Californians vote to throw out the governor, then whichever challenger gets the most votes automatically replaces him -- even if that person only gets a small percentage of the total votes. This backdoor power grab is a bold move -- and one that initially seemed unlikely to succeed.

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